electrical products Portable type washer

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 electrical products Portable type washer

The HL 2203 – multifunctional washer to introduce advanced foreign technology, using humanized design, safety and deft, using permanent magnet motor drive, using the 12V car high-pressure pump, hydraulic power generate powerful cigarette lighter, not by repeated testing of vehicle route and electrical components, suitable for any harm caused by car! YaGan nozzle flow type adjustment, stepless variable flow, the flow of linear to spread from arbitrary control.

A mist, low pressure on the car body surface atomization wetting sediment rushs; Pressure is scattering of body DaPao after cleaning, washing the scattering, A direct pressure, the pressure on wheels decontamination point-blank, thorough cleaning your car. The safety net to prevent water from sediment inhaled, restriction, can be in the pool, ditch and in the barrel for water.

Multi-usage, not only can wash, is 220V power converter MinYongDian take, can also be used to water the flowers, clean kitchen, toilet glass, Windows, outside doors and walls.


1 design, 1.5 KG lighter weight deficiency, can add auto backup compartments, or anywhere in the home, 2 products used for joint, operation is very convenient. 3, power, current less than 3, safe and reliable, can put in use, car without power, damage; 4 prevent mud mesh design, not by water restrictions. 5 five meters power plus seven meters, enough water around the body. 6 year warranty, worry-free motor.

Technical parameters:

The rated voltage: DC 12V
Rated current: 2.1
Output power: 34w
Water pressure: 0.8 kg/cm2
Head: 7-8 meters

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