Electrical Power Calibrator with 100V / 300V , RS232 KS823

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Electrical Power Calibrator with 100V / 300V , RS232 KS823

1.Wide pressure rang
2.High accuracy
3.Current, Volt measuring
4.High accuracy
5.Easy to operation


Large LCD display, English pop-up menus in operations!


Features &Function


1. Capable of calibrating all kinds of indicating instruments such as DC meters, AC meters, phase meters, frequency meters, power meters, power factor meters, multimeters, energy meters and electric measurement transducers, etc. Automatic calibration mode and manual calibration mode are built-in of KS833.
2. These built-ins are high precision standard sources that respectively relate to voltage, current, phase, power factor and harmonic.Capable of outputting standard voltage, current, phase, active power, cross-phase reactive power and true reactice power, make use of software to realize closed loop control on all outputs guaranteeing its low drift and its annual stability. Current generator provides the function of open-circuit protection and open-circuit alert in itself. While voltage generator possesses the function of short-circuit protection.
3. Can freely output 2-31 times harmonics, including: Standard output at Grade 0.1 for 2nd-19th harmonics, and satandard output of Grade 0.2 for 20th-31st harmonics.
4. Large LCD display, all English pop-up menus for these operations:①rotary encoder operation ② slight-touch keyboard operation ③operation under PC Windows System.
5. Built-in RS232 port, allows software upgrade without opening up the external box of the equipment; and calibrated data can be uploaded into PC computer at users’ convenience.
6. The shock and impact resistance external box is made of high intensity aluminum alloy. Inside are reliable high-power heating radiator units, and the equipment is durable to use.

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