High Efficiency Electric Hydraulic Pump 12V , Thru-drive Rear Cover

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High Efficiency Electric Hydraulic Pump 12V , Thru-drive Rear Cover


Quick details

Tandem Hydraulic Pump

High efficiency

Low noise, SmallVolume

SAE 2 hole UNC inch thread

OEM Different Displacement Tandem Hydraulic Pump


1. Swash plate design axial variable piston pump used in open
2. Continuous working pressure can reach 280bar,the highest
instantaneous working pressure can reach 350bar.
3. The flow is directly proportional to the drive rotate speed and
the displacement, and can make stepless variable come true by
adjusting the obliquity of the swash plate.
4. Wide range of controls such as DR,DFR,DFLR etc. Short
response times.
5. Low noise level, high efficiency, high reliability and long service life.
6. Small volume, High power density.
7. Excellent oil absorbency.
8. Axial and radial loading of drive shaft possible.
9. SAE and ISO mounting flange.
10. Thru drive option for multi- circuit system.

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